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RHS garden product of the year

RHS garden product of the year

The twelve finalists for the garden product of the year have been announced and will go forward to compete for the top prize at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May.

The award recognises the best new garden gadgets, with entries judged on criteria including innovation, visual appeal, functionality, quality, value for money and environmental sustainability.

Among innovative products to make the shortlist are a dual functioning barbecue and outdoor heater, a custom-made rock stream complete with its own water system, and fruit tree sleeves, made of fine mesh netting to tie over a branch to protect ripening fruit from birds.

There’s also an ingenious weed puller, a new organic, peat-free bulb compost, a pruner you can use with one hand and a waterproof outdoor sofa.

The 2018 prize will be awarded at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, chosen by a team of experts including entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor Deborah Meaden.

“Every year the calibre of designs gets better and better,” she said.

Look out for many of these new products arriving in our garden centre soon! We already stock dozens of clever ideas to make your gardening life easier, so come in and take a loRHSok. Among the handy gadgets you’ll want to take home:

  • Solar powered lighting for pathways and ponds: no need for installing outdoor electricity, just let the sun do the work for you!
  • Squirrel proof bird feeders baffle even the cleverest of long-tailed pests and keep the feeders just for the birds.
  • Weatherproof garden furniture including cushions, beanbags and loungers mean you don’t have to bring everything in every time there’s a shower.
  • Self-watering pots take the back break out of watering. Just fill the reservoir and the plant takes the water it needs.
  • Pop-up greenhouses expand your growing space instantly: just collapse and fold away at the end of the season.

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