How to plant trees and shrubs?

How to plant trees and shrubs?

How to plant trees and shrubs is a common question in gardening, especially for anyone who hasn't done it before. Autumn to springtime from October to April is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs so they establish over the winter months. Planting bare root or container plants can be done over the colder months of the year keeping your green fingers working during winter and it helps to get some of the bigger jobs done before springtime comes around. Plus they will be well established in their planting place ready to bloom in the seasons to come. Follow the following steps for the best results:

  1. Prepare your plants and garden
  2. Plant your new trees and shrubs
  3. Make sure they establish well


Prepare your plants and garden

It’s important not to plant in waterlogged or frozen soil, so pick a mild winter day and get your gloves on. Soak bare root plants in water for at least 30 minutes or if they are container grown, give them a good water. Decide where you want to plant and dig a planting hole about 3 times wider than the root ball of your chosen shrub or tree. Make sure it isn't deeper than the rootball because planting too deep is one of the main reasons trees and shrubs don’t thrive. You will be well prepared if you follow these steps. So how to plant your trees and shrubs? Keep reading!


Plant your new trees and shrubs

Before you start planting check the rootball looks healthy, has no pests or diseases and has been thoroughly soaked. Place it in the middle of the planting hole and add a stake if that will be needed, mainly for taller trees and shrubs. Backfill with the soil removed and firm down with your feet for hands. Sprinkling some Mycorrhizal Fungi and bonemeal can be useful and may help your tree or shrub to establish. This will need to be in contact with the roots, so ideally sprinkle this inside the planting hole.


Make sure they establish well

Water again after planting around the planting space and also apply some mulch around the base which will help with water retention and also help to keep the weeds away, especially important as your tree or shrub is settling in. If you have a problem with rabbits or deer, use some protection such as wire around the new tree and make sure it is securely in place. We hope that answered your question of how to plant trees and shrubs but if you need any further advice please do come along to see us and someone will happily help you with more information.

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