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From Scandinavia with love

From Scandinavia with love

A Scandinavian interiorScandinavian themed interiors are based on simplicity, minimalism and functionality from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The style is known for its simple beauty and relaxed, calming environment including clean lines and gentle elegance. Generally, the colours are monochrome and nature is used for inspiration throughout. From handcrafted wooden accessories to nature-inspired print. Creating a Scandinavian style interior at any time of year is lovely and can even give rooms a cosy festive feel all year round. Let us explore the three main elements of a Scandinavian styled interior: 

  • Colours in design
  • Nature-themed accessories
  • Festive feeling


Colours in design

The easiest way to create your own Scandinavian themed interior is to use monochrome colours with white walls for a fresh and clean backdrop to your furniture and accessories. Mainly white, grey, blue, black and cream are used as a base for every room. Often a gentle hint of lime green, yellow or orange is also used and can be included in the wallpaper, furniture or accessories. If your larger items of furniture and accessories are plain coloured add in hints of other colours as suggested and the odd pattern such as zigzag cushions and striped table runners to break it up a little.


Nature-themed accessories

Scandinavian lifestyle involves a lot of outdoors woodland space so incorporating some wood accessories such as wall art, clocks, chairs and photo frames gives a touch of class and a natural feel. An occasional large houseplant in a monochrome pot works really well, especially against a white wall and the use of candles can be particularly relaxing. Large rugs in plain but bold colours will fit in perfectly and lighting is especially important. Table lamps and light fittings made from wood or crafted in a nature-related theme gives a special touch of Scandinavia. To really finish things off, try a whitewashed wooden floor for a rustic feel.


Festive feeling

A Scandinavian themed interior can look festive all year with that cosy, relaxed wintery feel to it but simply adding a Norwegian Spruce or Nordmann Fir to the room for Christmas can set the whole scene perfectly well. Just pop some baubles on the tree with some festive lights and you will feel whisked off to the snowy landscapes of Norway. If you have a fireplace, laying a garland over the mantel is all that will be needed to feel festive. Try using some fresh greenery with wooden Christmas decorations such as driftwood trees or branches and rustic vases. Piles of chopped wood, cinnamon scented candles and glass baubles will all add to the theme. Don’t forget to hang up your Christmas stockings for Santa!


Why not come into the store to find your perfect Scandinavian themed accessories for your home? 

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