What we can learn from Christine Walkden

Ornamental BeddingWe can learn so much from Christine Walkden, horticulturist and broadcaster with her relaxed, down to earth attitude to gardening. With over 40 years experience, numerous awards, TV and radio work, Christine provides guidance and tips on all things horticultural. Here are 3 things we can learn from her: 

  • Small is no less beautiful
  • Celebrity gardens
  • Its all about ornamental bedding


Small is no less beautiful

Christine's book ‘A Year in Christine's Garden: the Secret Diary of a Garden Lover’ is a great read, written in such a readable and relatable style. Much of Christine’s guidance is about how a smaller garden or plot is no less beautiful and productive. Small spaces are in focus right now, as many houses and new developments are shorter on space but that doesn't mean flowers and vegetables can't be grown. This is something Christine often focusses on in her broadcasts. From using containers and baskets to make the most of small areas to thinking about vertical growing as well.


Celebrity gardens

As part of Christine’s role on The One Show, we all watched her visits to other celebrity gardens. It’s always fun to have a nosey around someone else garden but there's something very exciting about seeing how ‘celebs’ feel about gardening and their styles. It was a great reminder that anyone and everyone can garden. Christine enjoyed interviewing Dame Vera Lynn, saying ‘The chemistry was there and she was very gentle’. Dame Vera Lynn talked passionately about her relationship with the garden, something we can all appreciate.  She had great intimacy with plants as they meant a lot to her and this relationship we have with plants shines through. Its something really important that we can all learn from Christine Walkden as her passion always shines through as well.


Its all about ornamental bedding

Something else we can learn from Christine Walkden is how fantastic bedding plants are, as seen on the BBC Two Great British Garden Revival series. Over the past years, bedding has taken a backseat mainly due to maintenance and costs, so it dropped out of trend. But Christine brought the decadent styling of bedding plants, many of which are edible, back to the minds of every gardener. In fact, Christine told us all that it was bedding plants that ignited her passion for gardening in the first place. To follow in her footsteps take a visit to Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire to see the stunning floral bedding displays for some inspiration.  


With Christine’s passion behind you, take a look around our garden centre and see what you can inspire by to make the most of small areas, connect with nature and enjoy some bedding plants.

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