How to maintain your garden tools and equipment?

How to maintain your garden tools and equipment?

Maintaining garden tools and equipment is essential to their longevity as they can be expensive to purchase in the first place. So it really does makes a lot of sense to look after them. To make sure they last you for many years to come in the garden they’ll need a good clean, sharpen and oil plus some maintenance as and when needed. Read these tips below to help you keep your garden tool in tip-top condition.


Check and maintain your garden tools and equipment with a good clean

Ideally, you should wipe your garden tools clean every time you use them but in the real world time just doesn't always allow that to happen. Even so, every now and again, wash off any dirt with soapy water which helps to spruce them up and even get rid of pests and diseases. If you need to, use a brush to get the dirt off as well. If you can at least brush off the dirt before storing them, that would make a difference.


Sharpen the edges when you check and maintain your garden tools and equipment

If you are pruning, mowing, even sawing the blades will eventually be blunt which will make your job a whole lot harder and can cause issues with plants if you can’t make a clean cut. If any are actually damaged, they will need replacing but if not use some oil on the blade and then file the edges to sharpen. This is great for secateurs, hoes and shears. After you have finished sharpening, oil the tools and wipe away any leftover oil. They will be good to go!


General maintenance for your garden tools and equipment

It’s good practice to keep on top of maintenance as you use your tools and there are a few ways you can keep them in good condition for longer with these tips:

  • hang your tools rather than standing them
  • brush off soil when you have finished
  • allow them to dry before storing
  • give each tool its own space
  • use a disinfectant to kill off diseases
  • sand and oil wooden handles
  • tighten up loose bolts

Treating your tools well will pay dividends in the long run, meaning you won’t have to keep buying new ones and you won’t get caught out when you need to prune your shrubs but have blunt tools. If you make it part of your gardening routine, it won’t feel like a chore, more like a necessary part of maintaining your garden. Even your plants will thank you for it! We have tools and accessories in store so come along and decide on the ones that are perfect for your garden.

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