Must-have: a showcase shelf above the couch

Must-have: a showcase shelf above the couch

A great home trend must have is to have a shelf to use the space above your couch to create a focal point, full of interesting items. Whilst the couch is a place to relax and put your feet up, the space on the wall behind it can be used as a focal point to use the space in the room and decorate it with a current home trend. It’s an especially good idea if you are short on space. Have a read of these tips and ideas to add this great home trend to your living room above the couch.


Use floating shelves to fill up the empty space above the couch

Floating shelves are a great way to add horizontal space to stand photos and plants on. Why not choose your colour to match your interior scheme and then install your shelves above the couch and pick all of your favourite photos to stand randomly on the shelves? Floating shelves mean there will be no brackets to see so they are very neat but sturdy and full of photo frames gives a lovely focal point and a great place for you to see your family and friends. Choose from various styles of photo frames for an eclectic look or similar frames for something more formal.


Pick your plants to fill up the showcase shelf above the couch

Houseplants are on trend right now so by using the space on the wall above your couch to display a mixture of hanging plants, ferns and upright plants with glossy leaves will give a stunning centrepiece. Besides that, it will be good for your air quality as well! Just one chunky shelf right above your couch in a central spot and packed full of plants is very simple yet effective. Try Ceropegia Woodii (String of Hearts) for something trailing nicely over the edge along with Sansevieria (Mother in laws Tongue) for something upright and structural.


Display your books on a showcase shelf the empty space above the couch

Why not place all of your favourite books on a row of shelves above your couch in the living room? It’s the perfect spot to reach up and grab a good book to read while you are relaxing with your feet up at the end of the day. From hardbacks to paperbacks plus some bookends to get them all in place, that empty space above your couch will soon be filled up. Make sure there are some gardening books amongst the row so you can easily look up some tips as you take a break with a cup of tea!

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