Indoor style: modern & colour structured

Creating a modern and colour structured interior starts with the base. Ensuring your base colours are the right shades will really help to make sure you achieve the modern yet romantic feel to your interior. Think of muted rainbow colours working with a light but bright base, plenty of structured accessories and a few houseplants with a splash of colour.


It's all about the base

If you want a modern but romantic feel in your home, start with the base layer of colours. These are the walls and floors, even perhaps larger pieces of furniture. Light and fresh colours are key with this kind of style so use a very light grey or a fresh, light blue on your walls and floors. Starting with the base in this way will get things going and ready for you to add in your furniture and accessories.


Use shiny furniture and structured accessories for this indoor style

Shop for a shiny metallic table with straight edges and make it the focal point of the room. A large table to enjoy family meals in this kind of interior will have a great atmosphere and set a magnetic scene! Larger furniture should be super shiny or very matte, but not in-between. Add in oversized plant pots in grey or metallic with large structured houseplants such as a Philodendron or a Ficus.

‘Aechmea fasciata' Bromeliad

Add some unicorn colours with your accessories

Think lilac, teal and light orange for your soft furnishings and other accessories. Using orange for cushions and teal for glass bowls and candle holders will really set the room off in style especially with a beautiful ‘Aechmea fasciata' Bromeliad on the table in a Charcoal coloured pot. Add some metallic, shiny gold or silver candles around the room with some metallic photo frames and you’ve got your modern and colour structured indoor style.

So once you have chosen your base colours of grey or blue, move on to your larger items of furniture before later accessorising with the right colours to finish the style perfectly. Building up from the base means you will make sure you get it absolutely right for this contemporary yet relaxing style. Don’t forget to soften the room with some houseplants, pots and textured throws, along with a colourful table runner and lampshades.


If you are looking for a modern, colour structured style for your home, come along to our garden centre for plenty of inspiration!

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