How is The Barn Garden Centre COVID Secure?


Although we have been allowed to re-open our doors to the public, living with Corona Virus and social distancing are now going to be part of all our lives going forward and means a visit to us may be a little different to what it was before lockdown.


Customers should wear a face covering when inside the Garden Centre and when using The Boxwood Café. Customers are allowed to remove their face coverings once seated at their tables when using the café.


To make sure there is plenty of space enabling you to shop and happily have the 2 metre/ 1m+ social distance required, we may have to limit the number of customers coming into our Garden Centre. This means at busy times you may have to queue outside the Entrance. There are markers to help you keep 2 metres from other customers.


We are a family run business and have children of our own. If you do bring children with you, please ensure that you stay together as a group with your children and they are able to adhere to the Social Distancing rules that are now part of our lives. 


These rules are in place to protect not only our customers, but our staff, the wider community and population of our country from the spread of Corona Virus.                                         


Remember: Wash Hands Keep washing your hands regularly 

                     Cover Face Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces

                     Make Space Stay at least 2 metres apart, or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions


  • Wear a face covering when you enter the Garden Centre or are using The Boxwood Café. Customers using the café can remove their face coverings once sitting at their tables. 


  • We now have a separate Entrance and Exit in both the Garden Centre and the Café. Please follow the signs to help keep the 2 metre/ 1 metre + distance from others.


  • When queueing at the tills, please keep a social distance from others - there are markers on the floor to guide you.


  • Listen to the instructions from the till operator. They will ask you to leave your barrow in a marked area and then step back to a safe distance whilst they scan your shopping.


  • We are encouraging the use of contactless payments (such as ApplePay or AndroidPay using your phone) or card payments. We are still accepting cash.


  • Upon entry, please clean your hands using the hand sanitiser and make use of our anti-bacterial spray and disposable towel to clean the handle of your trolley.


  • Compost - if you are wanting to buy compost, collect this in your car after paying at the till. Tell the till operator what you would like to buy and they will charge you for it. Your can then drive your car closer to the compost and collect what you have paid for. If you require assistance, ask for help when you pay. Always adhere to the 2 metre rule when parking near the compost and loading it into your car.


  • The Boxwood Cafe is fully re-open and is offering a full menu with seating both inside and outdoors. As a hospitality venue, by law we have to take your contact details to help the NHS Test and Trace. If you are using the NHS Test and Trace App on your phone, please scan one of the QR codes found around the café to 'check-in'. For those customers not using the app, we will still supply our short form to be completed which we hold for 21 days before destroying them. 


  • The Boxwood Café is not licensed to sell alcohol, therefore we are permitted to continue using our counter service.


  • The Cafe has it's own seperate entrance and exit, please use these correctly.


  • Use the hand sanitiser as you enter the café. Other bottles can be found at different points. 


  • Always try to keep to the 2m social distance. Where a 2m distance cannot be kept, the '1m +' rule should be followed where you should keep 1m apart plus other factors, such as wearing a face covering, extra hand washing, limiting time with people, being outdoors to name a few.


  • Take a menu and find a free table, make you choice at the table. One person from your party should then come to the counter wearing their face covering, place the order and pay. As we are not licensed to sell alcohol, we are permitted to continue with our counter service.


  • Return to your table and wait for your order to be brought to you.


  • Contactless payments are preferred, but we still taking cash.


  • Toilets are open for use. These are being monitored and cleaned more regularly during the day. There are anti-bacterial surface wipes customers can use on areas such as toilet seats, tap handles, door handle and lock. Please dispose of these in the bin provided. Remember to wear your face covering when moving around the café.


  • If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to kindly stay at home.


  • Remember to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds using soap and hot water or alcohol sanitiser.


  • Please always use 2 metre if possible or if not the 1m + rule when talking to our staff. 





Can I bring my dog with me? He is well behaved.

We are welcoming well behaved dogs on short leads into both the Garden Centre and the Boxwood Café as we always have.


​Can I bring my kids along?

Children can come and shop or dine with you, but please make sure you stay together as a group at all times and your children adhere to the social distancing at all times.


Is The Boxwood Café open?

The Boxwood Cafe reopened on Saturday 4th July 2020 offering it's full menu and seating both inside and outdoors. Please check up on the latest Government Advice about who and how many people you are allowed to meet outside you own household. These rules change and are updated by the Government to try and slow the spread of Corona Virus. 


Do I need to book a table at The Boxwood Café?

We are still operating our walk in system as we always have, but if you would like to book a table, we have a limited number that can be pre-booked each day. We are leaving the others so people are still able to pop along and 'walk-in' as they always have. Please ring the Café during opening hours on 01832 270200 to enquire about bookings. 


Do I have to wear a face covering in the Garden Centre?

From Friday 24th July 2020, yes, you will have to wear a face covering. The law in England from this date says that face coverings should be worn in all shops and supermarkets. 


Do I have to wear a face covering to eat at The Boxwood Café?

Yes, from Thursday 24th September 2020, customers will have to wear a face covering when using the café. These can be removed once you are seated at your table, but must be used again when moving around the café or exiting through the Garden Centre.