What Social Distancing Rules are now in place when I shop at The Barn Garden Centre?


Although we have been allowed to re-open our doors to the public, social distancing is now going to be part of all our lives going forward and means a visit to us will be different to what it was before lockdown.


To make sure there is plenty of space enabling you to shop and happily have the 2 metre social distance required, we have to limit the number of customers coming into our Garden Centre. This means you should shop alone or a maximum of two people only please. We are a family run business and have children of our own. We know the importance of introducing children to all things gardening and growing, but now is not the time to bring your children with you. Please leave children at home. If you absolutely cannot leave your child at home, please remember we are only allowing groups of 2 in at this time and your child should be able to understand and adhere to the 2 metre social distance rules. Leave your dogs at home too - as well behaved or small as your dog might be, they just do not understand social distancing.


These rules are in place to protect not only our customers, but our staff, the wider community and population of our country from the spread of Corona Virus. They are very similar to those already in use in supermarkets. They might be different to your usual shopping experience with us, but we all must use them.                                        


Remember: Stay Alert - Control the Virus - Save Lives


  • We now have a separate Entrance and Exit. Please follow the signs to help keep the 2 metre distance from others. 


  • We may have to limit the number of customers in the Garden Centre when busy. This means you may have to queue outside the Entrance. There are markers to help you keep 2 metres from other customers. If we get very busy, we may turn cars away from entering the car park to limit customers in the Garden Centre.


  • Take a barrow with you. It helps you keep distance from others and helps us monitor numbers.


  • When queueing at the tills, please stick to the 2 metre rule - there are markers on the floor to guide you.


  • Listen to the instructions from the till operator. They will ask you to leave your barrow in a marked area and then step back to a safe distance whilst they scan your shopping


  • Please shop alone if you can - if this is not possible, you may shop with another person from your household, but no more than 2 customers together.


  • Please leave children at home. If you absolutely cannot leave your child at home, remember to help limit numbers, we are allowing only 2 people in together so your child must understand and adhere to social distancing rules. 


  • We are encouraging the use of contactless payments (such as ApplePay or AndroidPay using your phone) or card payments rather than handling cash.


  • Upon entry, please make use our anti-bacterial spray and disposable towel to clean the handle of your trolley


  • Compost - if you are wanting to buy compost, collect this in your car after paying at the till. Tell the till operator what you would like to buy and they will charge you for it. Your can then drive your car closer to the compost and collect what you have paid for. If you require assistance, ask for help when you pay. Always adhere to the 2 metre rule when parking near the compost and loading it into your car.


  • No toilets will be open on site for public use


  • The Boxwood Cafe will remain closed at this time.


  • If you are feeling unwell, we ask you to kindly stay at home


  • Remember to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds using soap and hot water 


  • Please always use the 2 metre rule when speaking with our staff




I have been told to 'Shield' myself due to medical reasons, can you deliver?

If you cannot leave your home, or have a neighbour or friend who could shop for you, we can still deliver to you if you live in Oundle or one of it's surrounding villages. Please e-mail us [email protected] with your shopping list and a contact telephone number or call us between 9am-11am on 01832 273310. 


Do you offer a Collection Service?

Yes. If you would prefer to simply collect your shopping, e-mail us at [email protected] with a contact telephone number and a shopping list. We will call you back to arrange payment or you can call us between 9am-11am on 01832 273310. We will give you details about how and where to collect your shopping.


Can I bring my dog with me? He is well behaved.

Before lockdown, we were dog friendly and we hope to welcome dogs back in the not too distant future, but please leave dogs at home now. They are not so good at keeping social distance and even small pooches take up space within the Garden Centre that is limited at the moment.


​Can I bring my kids along?

Leave children at home please. We have children of our own and we know they would love a change of scenery and a taste of what life was before lockdown, BUT right now as we find our feet with this whole new world of social distancing, a visit to the Garden Centre is not the place for them. We are allowing groups of no more than 2 people into the Garden Centre to help limit numbers and maximise space. If you absolutely cannot leave your child at home, they must adhere to social distancing rules at all times.


Is The Boxwood Café open?

No, not at this time. We are patiently waiting for news when cafés can safely re-open. We cannot wait to get our Boxwood team back with us, but we have to wait until it is safe to do so for all of us.