Heat tips for pets

Heat tips for pets

Our heat tips for pets will help you to make sure you look after your pets well during the heat of the summer, and at any other time when the temperature rises. We are a nation of pet lovers, and our furry friends are part of the family, so their welfare is a top priority. Pets can really struggle in the heat if they don’t have what is needed, and so here are some ways to make sure your beloved pets do not overheat.

Keep your dog safe with these heat tips for pets

Dogs can overheat very easily and quickly, especially if left in a car, so never leave them alone in a car. Make sure your dog has fresh, cold water at all times and can access shade if needed as well. It is a good idea to limit dog walks to cooler times in the day, in the morning and evening to avoid the midday sun and heat.

Heat tips for pets and your family cat

You can encourage cats to drink more by placing their water bowl away from the food bowl, and as they are likely to be going outside as they please, make sure there is plenty of space with shade for them to snooze under if they want.

Protect your guinea pigs from overheating with these heat tips for pets

You can keep your guinea pig nice and fresh during hot weather but making sure they are out of direct sunlight, with either an appropriate cover or bringing their cage inside. Ice packs or frozen water bottles can be wrapped in a towel and put into their pen. Your guinea pigs will curl up next to it if they need to cool down. Don’t forget cold, fresh water. Wash their food such as carrots and parsley so they can also get some fluids via the delicious food they eat.

Heat tips for pets - don’t forget the birds

We know wild birds aren’t pets, but when they enjoy your garden as much as you do and you spot the same birds nesting and see them raise their young, you can feel an attachment to them. So, for that reason, we are including your garden birds in this. They need shade, food and fresh water so don’t forget to top up the birdbath, put out some food and make sure they have plenty of natural habitats to shelter from the hot sun.

All pets, no matter what, must have access to fresh water and shade at all times. That is the essential point to consider to make sure your pets enjoy the summer.

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