Plant markers for the garden kitchen

Plant markers for the garden kitchen

It’s easy to make your own garden markers from old spoons and wine cork along with many other recycled items to use in the garden. Making household items that may be past their best is a great way to reduce waste at the same time as doing a little DIY and personalising your growing space. There are loads of materials that can make great garden markers, so we’ve put together a few ideas for you below, all to help you make sure your plants are correctly labelled.

Make your own garden markers from old spoons

When you have some tired and old cutlery, why not reuse them as plant markers! Using metal spoons can be a great way to personalise your plot and keep track of what you are growing in an easy and fun way. You will just need some letter stamps to write your plant names on, or a description of the bed, for example: ‘herb garden’ or ‘spring bulbs’. Wooden spoons can also be used as well, so there’s no need to throw out old cutlery anymore.

Use wine corks to make your own garden markers

When you have collected enough wine corks (and we all know someone who has a jar full), these can be used to write plant names on with permanent marker and then put onto the end of a stick. This is a really easy and quick way to reuse something that would usually be thrown away, in the garden. They look cool in pots and containers.

Make your own garden markers from yoghurt pots

We are all trying to reduce our plastic use to help the planet but many items so still come in plastic. Take yoghurt or milk bottles, for example. You can reuse these as plant markers, by cutting them up after use into any shape that you want and using permanent marker on them. They can be reused for many years, which saves plastic being sent to landfill or the oceans.

Use rocks to make your own garden markers

Painted rocks are a great way to get kids involved in the garden. Collect some large stones or rocks and paint them in any colour you like with the plant name on as well. They can look bright and colourful, giving a fun feel to your garden.

Make your own garden markers and laminate your seed packets

If you have access to a laminator machine when you have sown your seeds simply laminate the packet then attach it to a lollipop stick or hook onto a metal rod. Then your seed packets are preserved, including the instructions and placed right where the plants are growing.

If you’d like to purchase some plant markers or tools and ideas to make some, visit us in store.

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