Combine different textures in your home

Combine different textures in your home

It is really satisfying to combine different textures in your home to create a unique and personal space with all of your favourite colours, textiles and of course, plants. There are many ways to achieve layers of texture that combined make for a home you can relax in, party in and even work in. We’ve put together these ideas to help you work with textures for any look you want to achieve. 

Use plants to combine different textures in your home 

Yes, plants! With the variety of houseplants available, there are some ways to enjoy the textures, colours and heights of different plants to bring a room alive. Ferns, for example, have a wonderful texture and grouped together. Why not pick a few different varieties to layer it up? Begonia, Monstera, Sansevieria can all look great in the corner of the room with indirect light. Don’t forget to check the label for water and care requirements to make sure they carry on growing and filling your room up with green texture. 

Combine different textures in your home with throws and blankets 

For a more relaxed summer evening, there is nothing like relaxing in the garden with a cotton throw over your legs to keep warm. But where do you store it when you are not using it? In the lounge, of course! Layer wool blankets with fine cotton throw and see the textures pop. Pick colours that match your theme or why not make a big colour clash! Throws and blankets are an easy way to work with textures in any room. 

Cushions help to combine different textures in your home 

Layer up the cushions on your sofa and bed, with various sizes, colours and textures. Choose velvet and linen or cotton and wool. The layering effect using pillows makes a comfortable and cosy looking space where you can relax and put your feet up at the end of a long day. 

Combine different textures in your home with wallpaper and light shades 

Wallpaper can be bought in many colours but also textures which can give a whole room a textured look. Couple this with light shades or an uplighter on the wall, and you will immediately create a textured look. 

Use rugs, carpets and mats to combine different textures in your home 

Think about your carpet and rugs, and choose different styles, colours and textures that complement each other. Even doormats can add some texture and jute rugs and runners are particularly popular for hallways and kitchens as they are hard wearing and look great. Don’t forget the curtains! Mix and match it all up to create your textured home full of colour and style. 

Get your textiles in store to create a fantastic space in your home.

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