Decorating jar lanterns

Decorating jar lanterns

It is great fun decorating jar lanterns because not only is it an excellent DIY project to enjoy but it also means you end up with some personalised and pretty jar lanterns to use in your home or garden. They look stunning in the evening, especially if you are sitting outside enjoying the night sky or if you need to light the way when you have friends and family over. We have put these ideas together of ways you can make and decorate your lanterns, but if all else fails or you have little time, there are plenty of lovely lanterns to purchase all ready to light up in your garden. 

Decorating jar lanterns with fairy lights 

Decorating jar lanterns with fairy lights is one of the easiest but most effective ways to jazz up a jar lantern.

  • Find a mason jar and some fairy lights of any colour you would love to see the light up the pot.
  • Then place the lights inside, make sure they wrap around the inside of the jar and are not all squished at the bottom, then put the lid on.
  • Battery operated fairy lights make them easy to turn on and off and they look great at any time of year. 

Tissue paper can be used for decorating jar lanterns

Another easy and fun idea, especially if you are doing this with children is to cut out lots of different shapes and colours of tissue paper. Use a mix of water and glue to put them on the outside of the jar and watch as the colours all run together and create a unique effect. You can use any jar from masons to jam, and you’ll need a paintbrush for the water and glue mix along with some scissors to cut the tissue paper. Don’t forget the candle inside or even fairy lights. 

Decorating jar lanterns with a coastal feel

For a simple jar lantern with a feeling that you are by the sea, put stones into the bottom or sand or even a mix then stand your candle inside. Why not hang it up or make a few of them and hang all of them up together. You’ll feel like you’re hanging out at the beach in your own garden. Decorating jar lanterns is a festive activity with friends and family, too. If you invite friends or family to come over, get all the needs for an afternoon full of decorating. At the end of the day, everyone has its jar lantern decorated, and you turned your garden into a beach bar full of lights.

Get festive when decorating jar lanterns 

If you are decorating your own lanterns you can theme them any way you would like, so why not be festive? Grab your chosen jar and place some small pieces of conifer or fir into the bottom before placing your tea light on top. Then on the outside tie a festive ribbon around the jar. Why not use a red silk ribbon or a silver festive patterned one. 

Come in store to visit us and see what you can find to decorate your jar lantern.

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