7 ways to style your home office

7 ways to style your home office

Here are 7 ways to style your home officeWorking from home is here to stay, and we all work better when we’re in pleasant surroundings. Turn your home office into a welcoming, inspiring place with these top tips. 

Tips to style your home office

  1. Research shows that spending time around plants and nature improves our mental health and boosts creativity. If you’re lucky enough to have a view from your home office window, take time every day to appreciate the changing seasons. If your office has no windows, put a beautiful houseplant on your desk to keep you in touch with nature while you work. 

  2. You spend a lot of time in your home office, so it needs to suit your own personal style. Whether your choice is minimalist furniture with simple lines, a traditional leather-topped oak desk, walls lined with books or inspirational art, take the chance to express your own style in your home office. 

  3. Good light is vital for any office. Get as much natural light into your office as you can – this helps to keep you connected to the world outside. A smart new task lamp lets you work without straining your eyes, and it’s also a quick and easy way to give your office a fresh new look. 

  4. If your home doesn’t have an extra room that can be used as an office, turn a corner into a dedicated workspace by creating an accent wall where your desk is, painted or papered in the design of your choice to make it feel visually separate from the rest of your home. A decorative folding screen can hide your desk when you’re not at work so that you don’t feel you’re living in your office.

  5. Stop your office spreading out into your home. It’s worth investing some time and money in setting up a good filing system that will allow you to stay organised and in control.

  6. Choose your colours carefully. Pale, neutral colours help to make a space feel larger and lighter, and you can liven things up by adding touches of brighter colours that speak to you. Paint a shelf in your favourite colour, hang a print on your wall, or buy matching accessories for your desk.  

  7. For those times when you need a bit of extra motivation, keep something on your desk that speaks to you, as a reminder of things you love about your life. Pebbles picked up on the beach, your children’s artwork, a fresh-picked flower from your garden – place them where you can see them and be inspired by them. 

You’ll find plenty to inspire you in our exciting indoor plants and homeware ranges, so visit our centre to get your home office off to a great start.

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