Top 5 Flowering Shrubs

Top 5 Flowering Shrubs

These top 5 flowering shrubs will keep your garden in bloom most of the year. There are so many to chose from there is a flowering shrub definitely suitable for every single garden. Many are fragrant, some have stunning colours, from evergreens to deciduous, the options are endless. Here are our top 5 suitable for most gardens. 

1. Sarcococca

These are wonderful evergreen shrubs with little creamy white flowers. They may be small, but they are seriously fragrant from winter into spring. They give a great deal of interest and fragrance to any garden, along with the berries that follow. Sarcococca confusa is a bushy shrub that grows up to about 2m and often enjoyed in gardens worldwide. 

2. Daphne

Another fragrant shrub that really comes into its own when there isn’t much else flowering in the garden. The scent can be caught in the air all the way down your garden path, and the flowers are beautiful. Great for small or larger gardens and even better when planted nearby where you will walk so you can catch the scent in the air. The majority are evergreen, so even when they are not flowering, they still greatly interest the garden.

3. Hebe

Hebe is a well-known shrub grown all around the world. You can find many different varieties and sizes available to suit most gardens. They can be grown as a stand-alone shrub or for ground cover, even hedging, and as they flower for a long time throughout the year, they are a great nectar source for bees and other pollinators. Chose from many colours such as lilac or white plus variegated foliage. 

4. Weigela

These are. Low maintenance deciduous shrubs that grow well in many gardens. The foliage ranges from dark green to variegated, and the flowers from deep pink to yellow, which pollinators also love. The shrub will flower in the summer.

5. Spirea 

Another deciduous shrub with several species available. The foliage is on thin stems, but the clusters of flowers are big and very pretty. They can be long, cascading flowers or small puffs of flower too. There are also some with great autumnal colours too. Spirea ‘bridlewreath’ is one not to be missed. 

Shrubs give structure in a garden, homes and food for wildlife, plus nectar for bees. By choosing the right shrub for your garden, it will thrive for many years and provide you with a lot of interest at various stages. Do a little research before you buy, so you know what will be best suited to your garden. 

Visit us in store where you will find a selection of shrubs and friendly staff to advise you. 

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