Create a special something for Mother’s Day

Say it with Cake on Mother's Day The one day of the year we celebrate Mothers everywhere, will soon be here and it’s a day to recognise, appreciate and thank the special lady in our life. You could go for an exclusive meal or a girls day at the spa but nothing is more appreciated than a handmade gift for Mum. There is something special about the time and effort spent on a gift made at home and you won’t be short of ideas if you read on…


1. Create a perennial flower pot as a special something for Mother’s Day

A bouquet of Mums favourite flowers is a special gift and will look beautiful full of colourful Spring flowers but instead of the traditional bouquet, why not plant up a special flower pot full of perennials as the gift that keeps on giving? Choose a container that won’t get too heavy to carry and fill it with compost before planting your Mums favourite plants. You can plant it in any style you like and even wrap a ribbon around it so it looks like a present. Easy, cheap, fun and very special.


2. Put together a hamper as a special something for Mother’s Day

Does your Mum have a favourite treat? Why not grab a wicker basket or a container of choice and fill it with lovely treats your Mum will enjoy. You could include chutneys and chocolate or succulents and seeds. The options are endless, but a hamper will keep Mum happy, especially if you’ve given it some thought to fill it. You could pop a voucher inside or even some toiletries. Cover it over with clear polythene and a bow for the professional touch.


3. Put together a photo collage for that special something for Mother’s Day

Family times, fun times, growing up…all of those photos can be an emotional story to enjoy. Pick your favourite photos and create your own collage. A bit like scrapbooking, just place the photos in a large picture frame and keep putting them in until the who frame is full. It will be a trip down memory lane for your Mum as she smiles at the memories of watching you grow up.


4. Say it with a cake for Mother’s Day

Whether her preference is Victoria sponge or chocolate, a cake will always go down a treat. So grab your apron and get baking especially for Mother’s Day. You could make a cheesecake or even a tiered cake or pretty cupcakes. Decorate with natural foliage from the garden for a Spring twist and the natural look. Whatever you choose make sure it’s your Mums favourite, after all, she deserves it.

We have a whole host of gifts for Mother’s Day in store, come and take a look around and treat your Mum.

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