Top 5 houseplants to fill up corners

Do you have that awkward corner in your house that you just don’t know what to fill it with? Or perhaps you have a shady or sunny corner that would suit a plant but you don’t know which one to choose. These top 5 houseplants will do just the trick for many corners in your home.

Top houseplants to fill up corners

1. Ficus Lyrata

It’s a big and beautiful plant and whilst its reputation is that it is not the easiest to care for, with a few tips it should thrive. They start off looking bushy but over time they grow into a tree which will look fantastic in the corner of a room. They do like some attention, so will need bright light, humidity and watering regularly (but not too much). If you can keep up with the Fiddle Leaf Fig demands it will reward you with a great corner plant.


2. Sansevieria

This is the perfect plant to start with or for a less well-lit corner. It is a great plant for air purification as well as little water. It can make a corner look fantastic with its tall, long, green foliage. What’s more, is you can easily propagate it with leaf cutting or divide it when needed and report once a year. Sansevieria, which is also known as the Snake Plant and Mother in laws tongue, is a great all-round plant and happy to be placed in a corner.


3. Ficus Elastica

The Rubber Plant is easy to care for perfect indoor houseplant. With big glossy leaves that unfurl with red underneath, they can be kept to the size you need them to be in your corner by the size of pot they grow in. This lovely houseplant does like some bright light but you will know if it isn't happy, it will soon tell you by dropping leaves. It will need watering regularly when the soil has dried out. The glossy leaves can add great interest to the corner in a room.


4. Dracaena 

Another houseplant with glossy leaves the Dracaena Lisa will grow tall but not wide making it perfect for some corners that need something to grow straight up, especially if there is little room. The stems on this houseplant are similar to Bamboo making it really interesting. It will need some bright light and watering only when the soil gets dry.


5. Spathiphyllum

The Peace Lily is a beautiful houseplant with a pretty white flower and lots of foliage. This is perfect to stand on a small table or corner shelf to create some interest in the corner of your room. Peace Lily will thrive in partial shade and if you allow the leaves to droop slightly before watering, you will be right on time.

For the right houseplants and pots to fill your corner, visit us in store. There is always someone ready to help out!

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