How to aquascape?

How to aquascape?

Have you heard of Aquascaping? The underwater gardening trend taking the world by storm? If there aren’t enough ways to incorporate plants in your life, you can also garden underwater and it doesn't even involve swimming! Aquascaping is a real art, creating beautiful landscapes with plants, driftwood and fish in a tank. Where to start? Our guide will help you. 


Where to start with your new Aquascape hobby

First of all, think about where you will position your new aquarium and measure the space so you can be sure what size tank will look best. You will want it to be somewhere you can enjoy watching the underwater world go by but remember not to place in direct sunlight or by heat sources and you will need to access it for maintenance. Another starting point is to get inspired. It will be much easier to decide on your equipment and plants if you have looked at some photographs and found some ideas. 


What equipment do I need to Aquascape 

There is a lot to consider when first setting up your new tank and general fish tanks may not be the answer, so do your research and be sure you know what you want and take expert advice as well. Generally, you will need a tank, light, pump and maybe even a stand to get started.  You will then need to think about your substrate, plants and wood/stone to create your vision. It is important to get this right as it will help towards the longevity of your aquascape and also maintenance of it. The usual rule is to one choose one type of wood and one type of rock along with all of the plants you need to fill your tank from the start. 


Maintain your new Aquascape

The key to success when creating a new aquascape is to make sure you have picked the best plants you can, to match your vision, which are healthy and planted into a tank that is well maintained. Over the first few months, you will need to ensure that you have some time to keep up with water changes and spot anything going wrong. This will help to establish the plants you have and after this, going forward it all gets much easier. You will need to pop in the tank some plant food on a daily basis and change the water once per week. There might be some plant care to think about as well but on a far less frequent basis. 

If you follow all of this and get advice from the professionals you will find yourself with a healthy and beautiful Aquascape that lasts for many enjoyable years. 

We are very happy to help you decide on your Aquascape, in-store with our friendly team. 

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