Outdoor style: Vintage Gardens

Outdoor style: Vintage Gardens

Vintage gardens are a wonderful way to create memories and style by staging your garden into a vintage scene. You’ll need to carefully pick plants, flowers and accessories which will be your props to make a truly individual vintage garden. It takes a little time to get things just right but it is so much fun enjoying the process. 


What do you need to consider when creating a vintage garden? 

  • Signage 
  • Furniture
  • Plants 
  • Accessories 

Signpost the way to your vintage garden 

Creating signage both to your garden and within is a great touch of vintage. Use old wood with painted words on or metal engraved. Hunt around your local antique store for old signage with a vintage look and randomly place in your vintage scene. 


Add in some vintage furniture to set off your vintage garden 

It is the perfect style to use old upcycled furniture. Try old drawers, painted in your colour scheme or repainted chairs. If you don't want to paint, then leave them to look the classic vintage way. Old antique chairs are not just for sitting on in a vintage garden though, they can be used to stand plant pots on as well giving a really nice look. Don’t forget a table where you can place your cup of tea in a flowery china mug to enjoy your garden when it is finished. A low level painted or sanded wood table would match perfectly. 


A vintage garden needs the perfect plants 

Of course with your signage and furniture looking splendid, it will be time to add the all-important touch to your vintage garden, the plants! Use lots of plants, especially bedding plants to give that wonderful vintage feel. Pansies in metal pots, Geraniums in large teacups and Roses are the most desired plant for a vintage garden. Pick your favourite rambling rose or climbing rose and let it grow up a metal arch. Place Marigolds and Petunias in old vintage jugs, some have the most lovely floral patterns on and you can even use old metal kettles to plant up Lobelia and Impatiens. 


Finish your vintage garden with accessories 

To completely set the vintage scene now everything else is in place, it is time to add some exciting vintage finds. Try some flowery cotton material around the bottom of your table or old rusty gardening tools up on the wall or standing around your pots for a touch of history. No need to forget about wildlife in a vintage garden because wooden birdhouses will suit the scene really well and if you have an old metal ladle, you can even hang that up and fill with birdseed. 

Visit us to see what plants and accessories you can add to your vintage garden. 

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