Top 7 Plants for Student Rooms

Top 7 Plants for Student Rooms

Universities have started again so you might as well add some greenery to your, or someone else's, student room. It's rather simple and easy, but plants definitely bring life into a place. Moreover, plants tend to purify the air and help you study better! Here are our top plants for student rooms:  


1. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Considered one of the easiest houseplants to grow, Spider Plants can thrive in just about any room, plus they easily produce little spider plants that can just be potted up. In the bathroom, they can be grown in pots but will look really lovely hanging in a macrame hanger. 


2. Air plants (Tillandsia) 

With so many to choose from and now being readily available, air plants are the ideal plant to grow when you don't have much time to water. They don't even need potting! The roots absorb moisture from the air so the humidity will keep them growing. Scatter them or hang them on the wall. 


3. Ferns 

A collection of ferns altogether can give a woodland theme to a room and whilst ferns can struggle in dry, modern houses, the humidity produced from your shower or bath will keep these thriving. Try the Boston Fern or Asparagus Fern on your bathroom shelves. 


4. Aloe Vera

With spiky green fleshy leaves, Aloe Vera is not only a great succulent to grow but it is also used in many cosmetics and medicine due to its medicinal properties. Aloe can be grown outside in the Summer and brought inside over the Winter and only needs water when the soil has dried out.


5. Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts) 

A string of hearts is a real showstopper and always look fantastic trailing over a shelf or hanging in a macrame hanger in a suitable sized pot. They need bright light and a little early morning or evening sunlight. The light really brings out the colours. Water just a little and protect from draughts. They look great hanging in a Macrame hanger and a lovely pot. 


6. Scindapsus pictus argyraeus (Satin Pothos)

Satin Pothos is a superb hanging plant because it's really easy to grow and look after, so great for beginners but also because its leaves have a ‘silvery, satin’ pattern on. They look perfect potted and situated on a shelf where the vines can tumble below. Also great in a hanging basket and will live for a very long time in low light levels and moist soil.


7. Echeveria

These rose-shaped succulents are available in many different calming colours and flowers bloom on tall stems from the rosettes shaped plants. The leaves are waxy so to protect them, water the soil not over the top of the plant and only water when the soil is dry. Echeveria grows well outside in the summer and inside all year round.

To find a selection of plants perfect for student rooms, please come along and visit us or contact our team.

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