How to clean up your greenhouse?

How to clean up your greenhouse?

It is time to clean up your greenhouse after a year of growing your tomatoes, cucumbers and much more. At this time of year, most plants will be finished fruiting and it is time to give your greenhouse a good cleanout. This will make sure that you keep it in good condition and also limit any pests and diseases from overwintering in your greenhouse over the colder months. Here is our guide to cleaning up your greenhouse. 


Start to clean up your greenhouse by emptying out old pots 

When you have finished harvesting from your greenhouse and the air is getting cooler, start to remove all of the old plants into the compost pile and give all of the pots you have used a really good clean. Warm soapy water is a great way to do this. Then store them somewhere safe and clean until you need to use them again. 


Wash the staging to clean up your greenhouse 

The staging or any potting benches, shelves and accessories will have been used a lot throughout the growing season so get a sponge or cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water to give everything a really good clean. It will be looking brand new again before you know it. 


Clean up your greenhouse with an old toothbrush

Yes, that's right! One great way to get around all of the tight areas in your greenhouse is to use a toothbrush with warm soapy water. Get in and around every crack and corner which will make sure no bugs are hiding for over winter. Rinse down with some water afterwards. 


Don’t forget the glass when you clean up your greenhouse 

The glass will most likely need a good clean so that if you do have any plants overwintering inside they will receive the maximum sunlight possible. Get some step ladders and use your sponge or cloth with warm soapy water. Or you could use a soft brush. Don’t forget to wipe out the guttering as well while you are up there. 


Other ways to clean out your greenhouse 

You can use a garlic candle which is a safe, environmentally clean way to get rid of any pests and diseases. Make sure the greenhouse is completely empty and all vents and doors are closed tight. Garlic candles come with instructions but usually, you will need to place it on something in the middle of the greenhouse and light it, then leave and close the door behind you. It doesn't take long to fill with smoke and smell of garlic! 


Finish off with the floor when you clean out your greenhouse 

After all of the glass and staging has been thoroughly cleaned, finish off with washing down or sweeping out the floor, any paving or shingle. Then your greenhouse will be ready for the seasons ahead. 

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