Home trends: Artisanal fixtures

Home trends: Artisanal fixtures

Be trendy and include some artisanal fixtures to your home, giving it a warm feel with exceptional designs. The look goes particularly well in rooms in the house that you spend a lot of time in, so the living room or kitchen for example. Often hand made by someone who has a story behind the creation, artisanal fixtures can give a new dimension to the rooms in your house. Adding a touch of Artisan to your home can give it a unique feel and character. 


Use exposed Edison bulbs as artisanal fixtures in your home

Lighting is key in a unique and character-filled home. There are many lighting fixtures that can look stunning and eye-catching that have exposed Edison bulbs as a feature. From single cable hanging bulbs to multiple candelabra style lighting fixtures, there are many to choose from. The choice is endless and up to you and the style you would like to create in your home. 


Handcrafted artisanal fixtures 

When an item has been crafted by hand with love plus thought and creativity involved, no two pieces can ever be the same. This gives you a great chance to add in some individuality to your own home. From fixed wooden benches and stylish wooden chairs to a one-off table to dine at with family and friends. Look for the piece of artisan furniture that catches your eye. 


Artisanal fixtures can include shelves and plants 

Don’t forget your plants! They will need a place in your new stylish home. Try some stepped shelves fixed solidly to your wall and then place your favourite plants on each shelf to decorate. Choose from architectural plants to trailing plants and make it really stand out. You could even frame it with some handcrafted pots and beautiful plants as well. 


Soften your artisanal fixtures with accessories 

To finish off the look, remember to add in cushions, rugs and matching curtains. Often bold lines work well or go for colourful patterns if your walls are plain. This can work well with wooden fixtures and cool hanging lighting fittings and those great Edison bulbs. 


Enjoy the shopping experience for artisanal fixtures 

One of the great parts of choosing the right fixtures for your home is shopping! Visiting different artisan makers and discovering new designers and creations can be hugely enjoyable and you may end up picking some of the finest pieces of furniture you can imagine. 

Come and shop with us for some unique artisanal fixtures for your home and create your own individual style. 

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