DIY Ideas: Recycling the Christmas tree

DIY Ideas: Recycling the Christmas tree

We have put together some crafty ideas for recycling the Christmas tree to help you not only reuse your tree but to also make it easier for you when taking down the decorations after the 12 days of Christmas. When the festivities are over, it can sometimes be hard to find options for the Christmas tree that once stood in your home full of baubles and tinsel but with these ideas, not only will you have a fun crafty January but they will also make good use of your Christmas tree.


Feed the birds with this crafty idea for recycling the Christmas Tree 

At this time of year, it is important to feed your garden birds as food is scarce and the weather is cold. Use the stems with the pine needles and fix pine cones, dried oranges and other decorations that are safe for birds so it looks pretty but as the aim is to feed the birds, cover the pine cones with peanut butter, hang fat balls from the wreath and even some seeds. Your garden birds will love you for it. 


This crafty idea for recycling the Christmas Tree keeps it indoors for longer

If you are not ready just yet to get rid of all signs of Christmas, why not use the branches and stems to make a winter-themed garland, just minus the tinsel and bows. Attach pieces together with string and lay on your mantlepiece or along the stairs for a touch of winter in the home. 


Making fun figures is a great crafty idea for recycling the Christmas Tree 

Use the trunk and stems to cut down and make into fun wooden friends to place in the garden or home. Use a piece of the truck and then branches as legs with smaller stems still with the needles on to attach for antlers and a tail. It’s as easy as that and you will have a wintery looking Stag to stand in the garden or on the porch. You can make many different animals and shapes so see where your creativity takes you. 


Help wildlife with this crafty idea for recycling the Christmas Tree

The wood from a Christmas Tree could be home to insects and other garden creatures, especially during the colder months when they are most in need of shelter. Why not chop up the tree and make a pile of wood, you will be surprised at how much wildlife will find a home there, but if you want to get a DIY project on the go, why not go bigger with a bug hotel? Use the trunk, stems and branches to create spaces of different shapes and sizes to welcome all bugs to your hotel. Add in other wood, bamboo canes and many other natural materials.

For tools to cut and shape your Christmas tree for your crafty project, come and see us in store! 

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