8 x hardy plants for winter

8 x hardy plants for winter

Beat the cold weather with our top 8 hardy plants for winter and continue to have colour and interest with evergreen foliage and flowers in your garden all year.


1. Cyclamen

Cyclamen is seen in gardens across the country during the winter months. It can be grown in pots and containers or in the ground and has a variety of colours from white to pink or red. Planted with some heather and winter pansies, Cyclamen look very pretty with their vibrant flowers.


2. Ornamental Cabbage

It is always fun to watch people marvel at cabbages growing in pots with pansies during the snowy months. Ornamental cabbage is a great addition to any winter garden. Colours tend to be purple, pink or cream with a dash of green. They are very pretty and trendy at the same time. 


3. Pansies and Violas

The classic flowers for a cottage garden which are available in many different bright and bold colours. Us them to fill borders when other plants are not in flower plus add them to containers for a wintery splash of colour. Don’t forget they are also edible and if you keep deadheading them, they will have a second flush of flowers for early spring.


4. Cornus

One not to be missed in any garden. The stunning glow of the Dogwood stems stands out in any situation. During the warmer months, they do have leaf and flowers but it is during winter when they really come into their own. ‘Winter Flame’ is very popular and planted together in a group provides a fiery view. Very easy to propagate as well. 


5. Sarcococca

A shrub with the sweetest fragrance during winter and pretty flowers with glossy leaves. It is a stunning addition to a garden. They are easy to keep in shape and even grow well in a difficult shady spot. Enjoy the scent as you walk by. 


6. Yew 

You may see Yew mostly in grand stately gardens but it can be grown in most gardens for year-round colour and wonderful structure. It can be clipped easily and shaped into any masterpiece you fancy!


7. Hamamelis

Witch Hazel flowers are a beautiful sight in the depths of winter with yellow, red and orange colours that can stand out a mile across a landscape. The fragrance is just as good, maybe reminding you of applying witch hazel tonic to bruises. 


8. Mahonia

A hugely underrated plant that fills up a spot with its evergreen foliage and incredibly vibrant yellow flower spires during winter. The leaves are a deep green and they can grow quite tall. Known as barberry, it’s quite prickly as well so a great border protection plant to grow. 


Bring some colour and interest to your garden over winter, we have plenty to choose from in-store. 

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